Wine Tasting

Lizzie and I went to a couple of wine regions whilst we were in Australia and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. In fact, it left us very eager to learn more about wine and to do more of those experiences back at home. As such I’ve ben doing a bit of research and these are some resources that I have found.


  • Recommendations form the Wall Street Journal (click link)

These seem to be the ones to get:



Looking online at some courses I’ve found the following:

The course to do in London:

Wine Tasting in London

Berry Bros. & Rudd – Mayfair

Check out their event page. These guys are the oldest wine merchants in this country and specialise in red wine, in particular Bordeaux’s and Burgundy’s. They have lots of events and evenings that they host, so worth keeping and eye on them.

Hedonism Wines – Mayfair

Very upmarket wine merchants in the heart of Mayfair. Big wine selection of very high end stuff. They also do wine tasting events but with prices ranging from >£100 for the evening.

Le Point De La Tour – Shad Thames


In the heart of Shad Thames this fancy French restaurant has a wine merchants attached to it. They have a medium size selection of wines that you can buy and then pay corkage for in the restaurant, and they also host regular wine tasting nights. Their prices range for about £30. If you buy wine on the tasting you get £15 back and then you can also take the wine into the restaurant and get 10% off your dinner.

Laithwaite’s Wine – Borough Market


Great place located in the depths of borough market. They have loads of wine to choose from and do awesome tasting events. As far as tasting events these have looked the best, with apparently the most generous sampling, starting from £20, and then also full cheese and wine evenings for about £40.



  • Victoria – the biggest and best one
  • Spitalfields
  • Charlottle Street
  • Fulham
  • Clapham

These guys basically have lots of machines, great locations and great atmosphere. The machines are things where you buy and top a card with money and then one can sample any of the wines they have available in the machines from a bunch of different sizes: sample, small, medium and large. You can also buy wine buy the bottle from the store. Awesome idea and you can also attend tasting events and eat lots of cheese.

Wine Tasting Weekends in Europe



Investment and Data

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