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I currently work as a Junior Quant Trader at an HFT Firm in London. I have an MSc in Economics from UCL and have a BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol. My academic interests lie in the areas of: quantitative financial economics, asset pricing, market microstructure, trading, macroeconomics, time-series analysis, econometrics, machine learning and computer programming.

Unlike many other professions, this profession encapsulates so many subject areas; namely in the fields of: Mathematics, Statistics, Quant Finance, Economics, and Computer Science, however even fields such as Psychology, Neuroscience, History and linguistics play an important role. As such it is a  vast subject area and difficult to keep track of all ones learning resources. Given this I am documenting my progression in this career, first to hopefully engage other Quants to share notes, and second to keep tabs of all of my resources.

Note that this blog is not about sharing trade ideas but rather about sharing learning resources to help improve our understanding of all the complexities that come from trying to model the markets, behaviour, and risk. Here are a few other self-study blog pages:

Aside from work, I love food, travel and music. As such, this website covers a whole host of things that interest me as well as links to research and tools that other like-minded people might find useful.

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