Machine Learning

Overview Machine Learning:

Stanford University Courses:

This was a very rigorous, highly instructive and practical course and was taught in Matlab. Thoroughly recommend.

Deep Learning Courses:

Following on from Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Course from Stanford, Prof Ng puts out a 5-part specialisation in Deep learning. This time they are using Python and the Tensor-Flow Library. Andrew Ng is as awesome as ever, and this course is very good. He has designed an excellent notation for his exposition of teaching deep learning to his audience. Would highly recommend.

After I completed the first ML course above in Matlab, I rebuilt a lot of the algos into my trading infrastructure for testing and analysis. However, at the time I was doing a lot of work with Neural-Nets, and had an abundance of hyperparamater questions relating to the practical application of tuning. This course is incredibly useful in this dimension and I wish I did this course 2 years ago. Would highly recommend.

This was useful, and interesting, but very easy and short. So yeah, would definitely recommend doing it, but I think Andrew Ng needs to bulk it out more with more awesome tips and trips of implementing your own Machine Learning Projects.



University of Toronto Courses:

Other Courses:

Other Links:


Text Mining


To all you other Quants and Researchers reading this if you have any further suggestions then please leave a comment.


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