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Online courses are a cheap and easy way to find motivation to continue studying in ones spare time. The main online course providers that you want to be looking at are:


This was a very rigorous, highly instructive course and was taught in Matlab. Thoroughly recommend.

This was very easy; and is basically Yale’s Finance 101 class. Would recommend for anyone with no prior knowledge in finance, otherwise, I would stay clear, as it is lacking any kind of rigour.

I can’t recommend this course enough, Harvard have thrown a lot of resources into putting this together, and it is certainly full of cool stuff, amazing problem sets, lectures and there is also a final project. If you want to learn Computer Science then it doesn’t get any better than this.

This was a really good course, very instructive and aimed at an intermediate level. No programming was required, but excel templates were, which were needed in order to solve the weekly quizzes. Main focus of the course was the use of binomial trees (i.e. lattices) for pricing securities. The course covered arbitrage pricing theory and general finial engineering theory for options, futures, swaps, interest rates and a few more exotic derivatives. Would definitely recommend.

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